Photography found me and I fell in love. Almost on accident. One day it was just for fun, now it is my life. The thing that I do that has come to define me. The thing that allowed me to gain the self-confidence to live the life everyone else talks about. There is nothing like the click of a shutter and the flutter in your stomach when you know that it was a perfect moment that now will be remembered for a lifetime. Photography is a dynamic. A challenge with ever changing life and light that you have to be immersed in it to understand how it breathes. The thing that me makes me tick. And a few more. Barefoot in the grass. My son when he is sleeping and when he is in full destruction mode. Craft paper and lace. Bright colorful rooms with big comfy chairs. Junk in wheat fields. Parts of small towns where no one understands its beauty. A smile. A kiss. Big earrings. The love of my life. Watching other people marry theirs.

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